Nacharam Mallapur Road,Behind Nacharam Telephone Exchange 040 33621222 / 67580013, 1800-212-999999 Delhi Public School, Nacharam organised Fit India, Fit DPS school week celebrations on a virtual platform on December 10. All Rights Reserved. Creating an intersection between knowledge, skill and desire had been the continuous effort of the Management. Here is the Delhi Public School - Nacharam campus's Academic Director blog on the topic Bench Marking Education and Bench Marking Education - An Insight. 040-33621222 , 67580013  Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999                                          CBSE Affl. DIPSCOOP an e-magazine 2 Mrs Rekha Aggrawala, Director Academics, DPS Hyderabad is benevolence personified. Behind Tukaram Gate Police Station, Mahendra Hills, East Marredpally. Academic Director Nacharam | Mahendra Hills (Feeder School of DPS Nacharam) | Nadergul. We, DPS Nacharam, dream to provide an opportunity to every child in unfolding their capabilities. Report this profile Experience director DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Education Delhi public school, Nacharam and Mahendra hills, Pallavi Kidz and Pallavi Model Schools Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)In Education , CIDTT, global teacher, Educational Leadership and Administration, General First division. And receive weekly recommendations in your inbox. She is a great leader with a strong foresight. VI-IX & XI: Group 1 Position DPS, Bangalore South 2 Position DPS, Nacharam 3 Position DPS, Secunderabad Solo 1 Position DPS, Nacharam 2 Position DPS, North 3 Position DPS, Bangalore South: 14. Copyright ©2019. We always dream to provide an … Uma from Robinhood Army, Malka Komaraiah Chairman, Pallavi Director, participated in the Joy of Giving Programme. The school, which is known for its fitness movements, has received various awards for its various initiatives and contributions. Mrs. T. Sudha, Academic Director of Delhi Public School Nacharam, provides the leadership in the development of goals and implementation of strategic plans 040-33621222 , 67580013 Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999 DPS Nadergul | DPS Mahendra Hills Tenders | Alumni | Careers | Studease Login | | | | Under the aegis of Delhi Public School Nacharam, the new branch Delhi Public School at Nadergul, Best International Schools in Hyderabad, commenced its operations in the month of March 2016.DPS Nadergul campus is set up in a sprawling six-acre campus and it caters to the desiderata of TCS at Adibatla, the scientific community of the seven research labs, and the local community at Nadergul. We the family of DPS always try to achieve excellence and become spark plugs to the creativity of students. Welcome to Delhi Public School - Nacharam, The Best International Schools in Hyderabad offers World recognized CBSE & CAIE Curriculums with Hostel Facility. Understanding the dynamics of globalization, we are sensitive to the technological metamorphosis of the edification cognition process. Exchange programs with DPS Society, CBSE Cluster schools, and periodical internal and external audits of classroom learning, analysis of performance after every term; periodical training of faculty is enhancing the transactions in the classroom to a sizably voluminous extent. Introduction of a constant obsession for quality improvement of teaching faculty, management discovered several means to verify potentials and accreditations with international benchmarks. Students have endeavored to venture into the realm of expressing ingeniously in a simple but imaginative way. Court it, it is only by examining and re-examining your opinions and ideas that you can progress” Dale Carnegie’s words influenced me most of the time and thus the message that follows reflects the changes that took place in the school over a decade and adaption to new challenges that transformed the institution to this status. Here is the Delhi Public School - Nacharam campus's Academic Director blog on the topic Bench Marking Education and Bench Marking Education - An Insight. Swami Bodhamayanandaji, the Director of VIHE, Ramakrishna Math, Hyderabad allowed students to speak on Indian culture and values highlighting the significance of it. Nursery (L.K.G. We have made a prominent mark for ourselves in the field of academics, sports, and co-curricular activities. All Rights Reserved. This programme was initiated by the Chairman and Visionary of DPS Nacharam, M Komaraiah, Director Pallavi and Principal Sunitha Rao. DPS Mahendra Hills, the feeder schools of DPS Nacharam, has been an alchemist for the past 13 years in shaping the holistic curriculum of the students. Inter DPS Classical Vocal Music Festival hosted by DPS, Secunderabad. XIII Issue 9 . Director Delhi Public School Nacharam | Mahendra Hills (Feeder School of DPS Nacharam) | Nadergul. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL Hyderabad DIPSCOOP February, 2019 Vol. On August 30th all roads led to DPS, Nacharam where a mega event TechNEX 2019, the second edition of IT Fest was being organized. No: 3630057 Blog | Alumni | Careers | Studease Login ABOUT US. 040 27737295 , 040-27737296. As the year 2016 approached, the school has undergone a cyclopean change, a process of great possibility and great upheaval. We give thought-eliciting prompts to trigger home inscribing skills and critical thinking and lead each individual to compete for own self to consummate their desire. “Keep your mind open to change all the time. No: 3630057  Blog | Alumni | Careers | Studease Login. Delhi Public School. To many of my kids, Sunday is not welcomed as the opportunity to go to school is curtailed. Arunima Sinha –Padma Shri … In just a few short years, being Academic Director and under my leadership, we have been witnessing the birth of incipient administrative block at Nacharam campus, the rush to computerization, the dawn of information age, the advent of an incipient branch at Nadergul. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Copyright ©2019. Regular Sports and selective Academies working in the school, annual health audits are preparing robust citizens for future Olympics. Lingua Fiesta (Telugu) Under the Arc Lights Dramatisation 040-33621222 , 67580013 Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999 CBSE Affl. THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO PICK THE RIGHT SCHOOL, Football Academy – Telangana Football Association. As these students jive to the jingles in the morning or spend their time in the science labs … DPS Udaipur. Delhi Public school Nacharam or Johnson Grammar School Nacharam Posts: 26, Last updated: 2020-Nov-28 Delhi Public School Admission for 2016-17 Posts: 610, Last updated: 2017-May-26 Delhi Public School DPS Nacharam - Hyderabad Posts: 5, Last updated: 2018-Oct-25 An initiative of the Social Studies department under the guidance of Principal S Sunitha Rao. She has exemplified excellence and always catapulted us towards success with complete belief in us. Digital curriculum, digital edification plans have become an integral part of a systematic approach to edifying learning. 040-33621222, 67580013 Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999 CBSE Affl. And receive weekly recommendations in your inbox. Students of classes XI and XII of Delhi Public School, Nacharam participated in the 25th webinar, the silver Jubilee special programme organised by VIHE under Sri Ramakrishna Math recently. Children vie to win Rubik’s Cube contest. Being the Director of DPS Nacharam, it gives me immense pleasure to see our school endeavoring to do its best in sculpting the child’s convivial, emotional, aesthetic, physical, and perspicacious personality. Here is an article about the topic "Bench Marking Education" written by our Academic Director explaining its principles. Academic Director | Delhi Public School Nadergul | Hyderabad No: 3630057  Blog | Alumni | Careers | Studease Login. Holistic education aims to call forth from the students, intrinsic reverence for life and passion for learning. These shining faces reflect the positive environment that DPS provides. It is the collective contribution of each member in achieving this milestone with great contentment and fulfillment. Assiduous counseling sessions, challenging perspicacious, social and physical strengths of students has become an endeavor to truncate nonessential diversions. No longer can so much of creativity go scandalously untapped is the intention of management and keeping pace with this ideology, each student’s latent talent is challenged, nurtured and given opportunities galore to attest. The uniqueness of a child and building self- esteem is the focus. The four days of championships was a smooth sail with the guidance of school Chairman M Komariah and Principal Sunitha Rao. No longer school edifying learning got constrained to classrooms but got elongated even after the school to cloud predicated support system. 040-33621222 , 67580013 Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999 CBSE Affl. 03-08-2019 to 01-01-1970 . 040-33621222 , 67580013 Toll-Free: 1800-212-999999 CBSE Affl. ‘We are what we perpetually do excellence then is not an act, but a habit’ expresses Aristotle. Cognizance is a theoretical paradigm, the “what to do and why’’, adeptness is the ‘’how to do’’ and optate is ‘’want to do’’ were induced as habits for making an efficacious preceptor. Hyderabad: To inculcate a spirit of giving and sharing and to make the children aware about the less fortunate in the society, a mass charity programme was organised, where all the students of DPS Nacharam from classes V to XII participated. We are fixated on being a student and learning-centered school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be prosperous as modern ecumenical citizens. Philosophy; Vision; Messages. It is our earnest endeavor to involve 100% students in various school programs like Annual Days at different levels, DPS Spectaculum, Yoga, etc. Delhi Public School.

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